Reconnecting with the Land – 10th Annual Land-Based Youth Education Gathering

We teach youth the importance of making and participating in events our people used to do prior to colonization. This event focuses on making educational knowledge fun and will provide fellowship with other First Nations. This event marks the 10th Annual Land-Based Education Gathering held to date in partnership with the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. We will be holding a celebration ceremony to acknowledge all your participation and knowledge!

The Land-Based Education Gathering exists to provide our youth with knowledge of how we as a people used the environment (animals, trees, water etc.) and made tools from the land for all aspects of life while practicing team-building skills. These skills can be in the form of teamwork, hunting skills, animal preparation, and essential parts of the animal that can be used as a tool or instrument required for everyday tasks.

This Gathering is open to Middle Years and High School Grades 7-12

Information/ Registration package

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