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Research & Development


The Research & Development Program (RDP) is responsible for projects related to First Nations educational resources, curriculum development, and leadership. The program develops, creates and provides classroom resources for Manitoba’s First Nations schools. These materials – in print, audio and video – are created in partnership with, or on request from, the educational leadership in the schools. Priority is given to culturally appropriate and language-based materials.

In addition, RDP creates school-initiated courses that help students achieve high school credits. Recent courses include First Nations Law, First Nations Leadership, and World Indigenous Peoples Perspectives. Other examples include an Oral History course/project for Grade 12 students, and a land issues course. RDP has also created a First Nations Traditional Names map of Manitoba, and has been working to form a First Nations Archives to be housed in the Winnipeg Instructional Resource Centre.

The program accomplishes all of these many objectives by coordinating oral and action research to facilitate consultation and gather data from Elders and others, as well as academic research.

Beginning in 2015, RDP began to develop a K-12 First Nations Curriculum Framework (FNCF) to guide the education of First Nations students. A draft FNCF document has been created and resurrect facilitators are currently introducing it to community members and schools. Find more information here

News & Events

Community Working-Groups Meet with MFNERC to Complete Land-Based Curriculum

MFNERC’s Research & Development (R&D) team recently held a working-group meeting with community members from Manitoba First Nations to finish a land-based curriculum due to come out in 2020. The meeting featured guest speakers—educators currently doing valuable land education work in Manitoba communities.

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Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again—time to get our classrooms ready for a new school year. Some of you are veterans in the classroom, and some of you are teaching a class for the first time. And, some of you aren’t necessarily new teachers, but new to MFNERC or MFNSS and coming into a new community and a new school. It’s an exciting time for all, and we want you to feel ready and prepared. Read More >