The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource (MFNERC) is hosting a technical vocational education
meeting on March 13, 2023 at the Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel, 1715 Wellington Avenue,
Winnipeg MB, R3H 0G1.
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss possible technical vocational educational programming for First Nations High Schools. There will be a presentation on technical vocational programming and an
opportunity for you to discuss what is required to advance technical vocational programming.
The MFNERC will reimburse travel, meals and accommodations according to MFNERC travel rates for invited High School Principals and Education Directors. Travel reimbursements will be distributed at time of registration.
If you are able to attend, please fill out registration form and forward to, Brittany Laplante, by fax at 204-
415-0021 or by email:, by March 2, 2023.

Should you have any questions, please contact Susy Komishin at 204-594-1290 ext. 2131 or via email

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Registration will open soon for Lighting the Fire 2023!

The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre is pleased to announce the Lighting the Fire Conference 2023 will be held at the Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, from May 10th to 12th.  This year’s theme, Break Through to Excellence in First Nation Education, will be the focus of the workshops and presentations that make up much of the gathering.

Lighting the Fire presentations and discussions will reflect the important work that the Resource Centre is doing to push forward the boundaries of First Nations education, not only in forwarding teaching skills and the revitalization of First Nations cultures but also providing cutting-edge services in the areas of administration, new technology, and clinical care, which includes mental health and special needs services as well as care for students who fall under Jordan’s Principle.

The Resource Centre seeks out excellence in everything that can improve the learning experience for First Nation students and teaching staff. This year’s Lighting the Fire conference will explore the tools, resources, and teaching approaches that promote excellence in First Nation schools. As always, the conference workshops will resonate with the importance of First Nations languages and cultures to strengthen student identity and encourage their gifts.  


Keynote speakers and entertainment are still to be announced.

The LTF 2023 Trade Show is now FULL!

If you have any questions, please email Phyllis Murray at

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The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre is excited to host the annual MFNERC Schools
Science Fair 2023 on March 7-8, 2023, at the Assiniboia Downs, 3975 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The science fair, organized by the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) is designed to provide extended opportunities for students of First Nations schools to become engaged, and to excel, in science.

The science fair serves to support the networking of First Nations schools in the area of science. It is designed to encourage the schools and students to first develop and participate in their own local science fairs, and then attend the provincial gathering in Winnipeg.

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Every year in October, MFNERC hosts an annual First Nations Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference. Hundreds of attendees participate in interactive workshops and other activities geared towards improving First Nations education.

Workshops for educators include land-based education, hands-on activities, and skills and approaches to incorporate traditional ways of learning and language effectively in today’s classrooms.

“Forwarding Tradition: New Approaches for Teaching Old Ways”

First Nation philosophies, and traditional practices have kept their nations and families alive through thousands of years of living and learning from a challenging environment. First Nation cultures and languages   contain the teachings needed to survive and thrive, even as we face life’s hurdles. These ancient lessons have been tried and tested. The best evidence that these beliefs and values work is the fact that First Nation peoples and families are still a part of these lands, they are thriving and rising, and are still teaching their children to do their best as they step into the future.

Educators have an intrinsic role in connecting the past to the future through the students of today. As the stewards of First Nations children during the weekday, schools have a responsibility to reflect local cultures, languages, and teachings. This duty has become a thread that flows through all the work of the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre and is a part of the mandate of the organization.  It is important that the Resource Centre’s staff do their best to use their education and skills to fulfill the responsibility of forwarding local First Nations traditions and finding new strategies to teach First Nations children in the modern day.

This year’s Circle of Knowledge and Practices workshops and presentations will be infused with the goal of teaching tradition and finding new tactics to teach First Nations knowledge, skills, and values. To achieve the goals of forwarding tradition, it is important that the Resource Centre’s teachers and staff are familiar with the traditional values and beliefs of the First Nations they work with, and have the tactics and tools needed to learn and better understand the local culture, history, and language of the First Nations they visit. The Circle of Knowledge and Practices workshops will provide opportunities to learn more about First Nation knowledge, skills and values, so they  can teach their students to be proud of who they are, the ancestors that maintained their family through time, and the traditions that ensured today’s First Nation youth have a place in the future.

Registration Fees

Register today for Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference by registering online or downloading the registration form.

Manitoba Band Operated First Nation School or Manitoba First Nations School System
$100.00 per person

Alternative Organization / Company
$200.00 per person

$25.00 per person


Online registration closes at 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

MFNERC will accept registrations by fax, walk in and email until 4:30pm Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

SPACE IS LIMITED. All workshops are on a first come, first serve basis.

Trade Show

Are you wanting to showcase your company, or art and craft at this year’s conference? Apply online or download the Trade Show Application form.

To apply online:

Costs: $250.00 (electrical outlet extra $20.00)

Confirmation of placement within the trade show will not be established until payment is received in full. Once payment is received you will receive confirmation within 2-3 days.

Exhibitors registering after September 23, 2022 are not guaranteed a listing online and in the conference program booklet

Contact Information

Ashley Kinsman, Registration
(204) 594-1290 ext. 2083

Phyllis Murray, Tradeshow

Tasheena Bone or
Curtis Carrier, Payment

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This three day event, hosting in the spring, brings together over one thousand delegates to share best practices and methodologies, that reflect First Nations culture, traditions and values. Lighting the Fire is an alternative to mainstream education conferences, attracting indigenous educators, those working in First Nations schools and educators from various school divisions.

Lighting the Fire features dynamic and engaging workshops that provide educators and facilitators an opportunity to learn, and incorporate, ground-breaking, practical approaches in the classroom ensuring that our diverse cultures and achievements as First Nations are reflected in student learning.

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